Arend is ordered around

June 25, 783, Linnesse, Meliora


The throne room was crowded.

From all over the country the nobles had come to look upon the newest heir to the imperial throne – and probably plotting how best to take advantage of all this, surely. Weiterlesen

Alkaios looks for approval

June 10, 783, Terillan, Syntyche


A good thing that his mother-in-law had chosen a day to visit when Alkaios’ father was not around. This way the children could be entertained without anyone running interference to stop “bad” behavior. Weiterlesen

Annelie points out the flaw in the arrangement

April 27, 783, Eriwynne, Meliora


“Well, I hope I didn’t forget anything else.” The duchess said cheerfully. “Everything ought to be settled for Philipp, the children and you as long as Othello, Linnaea and I are at the capital. You’ll be the lady of the house until I’m back. Now I can only hope that your baby doesn’t mind sharing a nursery with Dione.”

She winked at her daughter-in-law. Weiterlesen

Gereon wishes for a translator

March 15, 783, Linnesse, Meliora


“Ah, you must be Gereon Pas, right?” The baroness greeted him as he entered the monastery kitchen. “Come in, come in! Take a seat!”

A bit nonplussed – both because of the greeting as well as the summoning – Gereon took his place to her right. Weiterlesen

Astraia asks to forsake tension

March 8, 783, Terillan, Syntyche


“…What time is it?” Orpheus asked as he squinted out into the sunlight blearily, trying to clear his head after a spontaneous night out with his brother.

Honestly, Astraia didn’t know if he really was hungover or not. He always seemed to recover fairly quickly. Weiterlesen