Artan speaks into the silence

August 6, 784, Wolfholt, Themis


Truth be told, Artan never quite understood the fuss all the other adults made over the arrival of an heir. He hadn’t even understood the fuss that must have been made about him before it was found out that he was crippled. Of course, for all he knew, nobody had ever made a fuss over him like that. Weiterlesen


Charlotte isn’t a midwife

August 5, 784, Wolfholt, Themis


“Comfortable?” Artan asked, his arm slung over Charlotte’s shoulder.

“Hm-hm. I’m not that far along yet. No need to coddle me.”

“Well, the way I see it, you are currently at the stage where you’re not yet big enough for it to be a problem, but far enough along for it to be an annoyance. Isn’t it?” Weiterlesen

Kallistrata entertains a distant relation

July 6, 784, Larovia, Bellingar


Kallistrata had to do a double-take from her place on the ground where she was reading to Ismene when she had first laid eyes on Lady Merriwynne. Her mother had told her that Kallisto Windell was a distant relation to her, a Kalla like all of Kallistrata’s full siblings, but she had not expected her to so resemble her mother. Same hair, same eye color… It was difficult to discern any differences. She could have been her mother’s twin if not for the fact that she was several years older. Weiterlesen

Euthalia muses over the most important thing

June 22, 784, Linnesse, Meliora


“Mma!” Leander was bobbing up and down in frustration, his arms stretched out towards Euthalia and his tiny hands making grabbing motions.

Pouting up at her, he looked as if she had done him a great injustice by placing him on the floor. Weiterlesen

Adela mentions both

June 4, 784, Valnessa, Meliora


Adela straightened out her gown and placed a tentative hand over the bump that was just barely showing. She had tried to put off wearing this – mostly for Adalmar’s sake – but when her other clothing started to feel constricting and suffocating, she knew she couldn’t put it off any longer. Weiterlesen

Photine has to defend

May 1, 784, Lormere, Syntyche


“Are you sure that nobody is going to come in here?” Samuel asked, glancing around the room. “Wouldn’t a study be frequented regularly?”

“Not since Father died.” Photine replied, her smile faltering for a moment. “Folkvar doesn’t like being in this room.”

“You’re certain?”

“Positive.” Weiterlesen

Euthalia engages in banter

April 21, 784, Linnesse, Meliora


“Abelard!” Euthalia chastised her husband with a laugh as he bent her backwards to the point that she felt like falling. “What if someone comes in? I don’t think that Arend will ever forgive you if he sees us in our nightclothes!” Weiterlesen

Lovisa considers it justified

April 12, 784, Terillan, Syntyche


“Well…” Finn said after a couple of moments spent in awkward silence. “At least it was a nice funeral. No fighting at all.”

Lovisa almost groaned at her cousin’s lack of tact. But then again, he had had little to do with Beatrice the Elder before her death. He was only here to be moral support to Kallidora – and to be a buffer between her and her father if things escalated. Weiterlesen