Euthalia engages in banter

April 21, 784, Linnesse, Meliora


“Abelard!” Euthalia chastised her husband with a laugh as he bent her backwards to the point that she felt like falling. “What if someone comes in? I don’t think that Arend will ever forgive you if he sees us in our nightclothes!” Weiterlesen

Lovisa considers it justified

April 12, 784, Terillan, Syntyche


“Well…” Finn said after a couple of moments spent in awkward silence. “At least it was a nice funeral. No fighting at all.”

Lovisa almost groaned at her cousin’s lack of tact. But then again, he had had little to do with Beatrice the Elder before her death. He was only here to be moral support to Kallidora – and to be a buffer between her and her father if things escalated. Weiterlesen

Alodia doesn’t hide from the unfamiliar

April 7, 784, Larovia, Bellingar


Alodia looked at herself in the mirror, frowning at all the white lace and jewels. It was as if her family – both old and new – wanted to remind the people around her that she was a princess first and foremost.

Maybe it was silly, then, to hide in her new bedroom as she did. Weiterlesen

Gereon meets a burglar with a feather duster

March 14, 784, Lothaed, Meliora


It’s only six in the morning, Gereon thought disgruntled as he made his way to the kitchen. What on earth was that noise?

Hopefully it wasn’t a break-in. He really wasn’t dressed for a fight with a criminal. The most he could do in this state was to flash the intruder and he honestly doubted that this would deter anyone from robbing him. Weiterlesen

Emeline is suspicious

March 6, 784, Wolfholt, Themis


Emeline really didn’t know what she was supposed to think about this new mutual interest between her brother and sister-in-law. In the two years they had been married, the relationship had been decidedly standoffish and awkward. Weiterlesen

Cecil is out of his element

February 2, 784, Valhill, Meliora


“So…” Cecil started awkwardly. “How are you holding up?”

It seemed strange to him that Linnaea’s visit to Valhill had not been postponed when her father had died so suddenly. But if he had understood correctly, the duchess had concluded that her daughter shouldn’t be forced to stay home and mourn if she didn’t want to. Weiterlesen

Abelard feels useless

January 18, 784, Linnesse, Meliora


As his steward had told him, Abelard found his wife in their bedroom, sobbing.

A messenger had come to the castle earlier in the day when he had still been holding audience, bringing news from Eriwynne. And from the look of it, it weren’t happy news. Weiterlesen

Kallistrata is thanked

January 12, 784, Griared, Bellingar


“I … think I can manage from here.” Kallistrata’s sister mumbled when their mother drew back to inspect her handiwork. “You really don’t need to fuss over me like that.”

Kallistrata supposed they should count themselves lucky that Antheia had stopped given their mother the cold-shoulder-treatment, even if she still refused to have their stepsisters take part in the wedding preparations. Though nobody not in the know about the situation would have found anything unusual there. Weiterlesen

Charlotte keeps smiling

December 21, 783, Wolfholt, Themis


Steeling herself as much as she could, Charlotte made her way over to the alcove where Artan was resting.

He had always had problems with his back, he had told her once when one of their uncomfortable silences stretched a bit too long for his liking. And she could certainly understand when he spent most of his days sitting down.

“Artan?” Weiterlesen