Gisil is bested

August 20, 783, Lormere, Syntyche


“Ugh! Can’t you follow someone else around?” Lenore asked, puffing her cheeks up – a last remnant of her childhood. “Someone who isn’t me?”

“I believe ‘someone else’ already implies that.” Gisil pointed out, chuckling.

“Well, then why don’t you just do so? Shoo!” Weiterlesen

Lovisa enters a crypt

August 14, 783, Terillan, Syntyche


The family had not changed a thing about this room, Lovisa realized. Everything was still as it was before her predecessor had died except maybe for the sheets. Though even they still had the Pallas family colors.

It felt like stepping into a crypt with everything so unchanged. Weiterlesen

Sofia offers to help

July 27, 783, Nox Islands, Meliora


“Maud!” Sofia exclaimed when her daughter entered her house and drew her into a hug.

It had been three days since the death of her daughter’s father-in-law and she suspected that the household was still in shambles over it. He left his youngest children completely parentless, after all. Weiterlesen

Arend is ordered around

June 25, 783, Linnesse, Meliora


The throne room was crowded.

From all over the country the nobles had come to look upon the newest heir to the imperial throne – and probably plotting how best to take advantage of all this, surely. Weiterlesen

Alkaios looks for approval

June 10, 783, Terillan, Syntyche


A good thing that his mother-in-law had chosen a day to visit when Alkaios’ father was not around. This way the children could be entertained without anyone running interference to stop “bad” behavior. Weiterlesen