Euthalia muses over the most important thing

June 22, 784, Linnesse, Meliora


“Mma!” Leander was bobbing up and down in frustration, his arms stretched out towards Euthalia and his tiny hands making grabbing motions.

Pouting up at her, he looked as if she had done him a great injustice by placing him on the floor.


“Oh, alright.” She fake-grumbled as she lifted him up once more. “But only because it’s your birthday today, you hear me?”


Euthalia couldn’t help but smile at his agreement.

He had been such an agreeable child so far. Somewhat on the shy side, true, and his skin only seemed to get paler by the day no matter how long he spent outside, but otherwise happy and healthy.

And that was the most important thing, right?


“How’s my little birthday boy?” She asked when she stood up again and bent forward to give Leander a kiss. “Excited for your presents?”

He giggled, playing with her necklace. “Mma!”

“And excited for all the new people that you will meet?”

At this his tiny brows pulled together and he pouted once more.

He really only liked having his parents and Arend around. His aunts and uncles he grudgingly accepted near him, but whether or not he let them touch him or even talk to him was always a gamble. Complete strangers would be even more daunting to him, no doubt.

“Aw, I’m sure they’ll be really nice to you.” She kissed his brow in an attempt to smooth it out. “They’ll have to be or they’ll get in trouble with your Papa and me.”


He still looked doubtful, so she pulled him into a hug.

“It’ll be alright, baby boy.” She said with a smile. “It’ll be alright.”

So here we have it. Leander’s first toddler pictures.


4 Gedanken zu „Euthalia muses over the most important thing

    • Yes, he came out rather adorable, didn’t he?

      Well, she no longer has to listen to mean-spirited comments about the lack of a heir. Though I doubt that all have stopped making comments about the fact that Leander is essentially an only child.

      (No worries, I have a bit of a writer’s block – or rather blogger’s block – too at the moment.)

      Gefällt mir

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