Euthalia engages in banter

April 21, 784, Linnesse, Meliora


“Abelard!” Euthalia chastised her husband with a laugh as he bent her backwards to the point that she felt like falling. “What if someone comes in? I don’t think that Arend will ever forgive you if he sees us in our nightclothes!”

“That would be his own fault.” Abelard mumbled against her neck as he left a trail of hot kisses down her throat. “What business would he have to enter this room, just because Leander’s nursery is right next door?”

Euthalia snickered. “I believe you just answered your own question.”


“Well…” He pulled her back to a standing position. “If you prefer that we stop, you just have to say so. No need to get Arend involved.”

She snorted. “I would never involve him in matters of the bedroom!”

“Oh good. For a moment I worried that I would have to demand satisfaction from him.”

“…That sounds more like propositioning him than anything else. I didn’t know that you fancied him this way.”


He laughed and bent her back down, kissing her collarbone just over her left breast.

“Even if I fancied him that way, he couldn’t possibly hold a candle to you.”

Her head thrown back recklessly, Euthalia let out a loud laugh. “I hope not. He’d burn me.”

Abelard chuckled against her skin, nipping at the seam of her nightdress. “I propose that we move over to the bed before I let you fall to the floor.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” She exclaimed in mock terror.

“Dare or not, my arms are about to give out.” Without further ado he heaved her into his arms and carried her over to the bed.


“I thought your arms were about to give out?” Euthalia asked, a mischievous smile on her face when he laid her on the bed.

“They would have if I kept holding you in that position. And the bed is much more comfortable than the ground, don’t you think?”


Silly and pointless chapter is silly and pointless. But fun to write.

Arend didn’t have to endure the sight of his employers in their nightclothes. Which he is eternally thankful for. XP


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